Membership Information

Membership Eligibility

Eligibility Information

All postal or federal employees may make application for membership in this organization. Each member of the Alliance must belong to the local in the postal or federal installation where he or she is employed. At installations where no local has been established, employees shall belong to the nearest local within their district, except that present members-at-large may remain as such.

Membership Divisions

  • The Retirees' division is composed of members who are retired or meet the qualifications described in Article III, Section 4f. of the Constitution.
  • The Management Division is composed of members who hold supervisory positions.

NAPFE Mission

Our Mission

  • A union of people who serve the nation as rank and file employees in the federal and/or postal service
  • Our motto: "Ad Mortem Fidelis" (Faithful unto Death)
  • Working together to eliminate discrimination and injustice in the federal service.
  • Committed to promoting efficiency and welfare in the federal service.
  • Discovering the needs of each agency of sharing its "talent bank" of qualified members with Federal Agencies.
  • Fighting for the right for any American citizen to hold any job and position for which he or she is qualified or can be trained to handle; the right to that training; the right to promotion to higher skilled work; and the end to unsanitary, unsafe and low paying work.
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The National Alliance is a union of people who serve the Nation as rank and file employees in the federal and or postal service. The motto of the Alliance "Ad Mortem Fidelis" (Faithful unto Death) is fulfilled by the Union in all its activities for its members.

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