Membership Information

Membership Eligibility

Eligibility Information

All postal or federal employees may make application for membership in this organization. Each member of the Alliance must belong to the local in the postal or federal installation where he or she is employed. At installations where no local has been established, employees shall belong to the nearest local within their district, except that present members-at-large may remain as such.

Membership Divisions

  • The Retirees' division is composed of members who are retired or meet the qualifications described in Article III, Section 4f. of the Constitution.
  • The Management Division is composed of members who hold supervisory positions.

Your right granted by law

 §1614.605 Representation and official time.

§1614.605 Representation and official time.

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(a) At any stage in the processing of a complaint, including the counseling stage 1614.105, the complainant shall have the right to be accompanied, represented, and advised by a representative of complainant's choice.

(b) If the complainant is an employee of the agency, he or she shall have a reasonable amount of official time, if otherwise on duty, to prepare the complaint and to respond to agency and EEOC requests for information. If the complainant is an employee of the agency and he designates another employee of the agency as his or her representative, the representative shall have a reasonable amount of official time, if otherwise on duty, to prepare the complaint and respond to agency and EEOC requests for information. The agency is not obligated to change work schedules, incur overtime wages, or pay travel expenses to facilitate the choice of a specific representative or to allow the complainant and representative to confer. The complainant and representative, if employed by the agency and otherwise in a pay status, shall be on official time, regardless of their tour of duty, when their presence is authorized or required by the agency or the Commission during the investigation, informal adjustment, or hearing on the complaint.

(c) In cases where the representation of a complainant or agency would conflict with the official or collateral duties of the representative, the Commission or the agency may, after giving the representative an opportunity to respond, disqualify the representative.

(d) Unless the complainant states otherwise in writing, after the agency has received written notice of the name, address and telephone number of a representative for the complainant, all official correspondence shall be with the representative with copies to the complainant. When the complainant designates an attorney as representative, service of documents and decisions on the complainant shall be made on the attorney and not on the complainant, and time frames for receipt of materials by the complainant shall be computed from the time of receipt by the attorney. The complainant must serve all official correspondence on the designated representative of the agency.

(e) The Complainant shall at all times be responsible for proceeding with the complaint whether or not he or she has designated a representative.

(f) Witnesses who are Federal employees, regardless of their tour of duty and regardless of whether they are employed by the respondent agency or some other Federal agency, shall be in a duty status when their presence is authorized or required by Commission or agency officials in connection with a complaint.

NAPFE Endowment Fund

On August 14, 1992, the delegates to the 40th Biennial National Convention in New York City, by unanimous decision, voted to establish the NAPFE Endowment Fund. This was a spectacular moment in the history of this union. More than $20,000 was pledged by the convention delegates.

The fund is to be endowed by voluntary contributions from Alliance members to provide financial security for the National Alliance. The goal is to raise $1 million or more in a two-year period with only the interest being used and not the principal.

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The National Alliance is a union of people who serve the Nation as rank and file employees in the federal and or postal service. The motto of the Alliance "Ad Mortem Fidelis" (Faithful unto Death) is fulfilled by the Union in all its activities for its members.

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