NAPFE Newsletter September 2017

Labor Day holiday is supposed to be a day to rest and celebrate from our labors. At one time, parades were held, great speeches made by well-known personalities in the labor movement and government officials. Labor Day is a holiday for the federal government and most local and state governments have followed suit. A great many businesses recognize the date, but most retail stores are open with grand sales a plenty - hoping to draw sales (big or small) from all those people who have the day off.

Labor Day is a day to revel if you are gainfully employed. The U.S Postal Service and/or the Federal government is gainful employment. Mostly, you need only to go work, on time, do the job you were hired to do, and you can remain gainfully employed for life. Unfortunately, that may not be so in today’s employment picture.

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NAPFE Newsletter September 2017

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