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Services & Benefits

As a member of the Alliance you have the opportunity to perform creatively in the operation of the Union and to develop leadership qualities that pave the way for advancement in the Federal Service.

The Alliance's continuing commitment to protecting worker's interest, providing essential benefits, and furthering unionism is reflected in the broad range of programs and services it offers to its membership.

Labor Relations in the Postal Service

  • EEO Complaints
  • Unfair Labor Practice Procedures under NLRB
  • Adverse Action at the Appeal Level under MSPB for Veterans
  • Judicial Review

Labor Relations in the Federal Government

  • EEO Complaints
  • Unfair Labor Practice Procedures under FLRA
  • Adverse Action Procedures at all Levels
  • Grievance Procedures at all Levels
  • Arbitration
  • Judicial Review
  • Representation in Collective Bargaining Negotiation And Contracts


  • Housing for the Elderly and Handicapped:
    • Chattanooga, TN
    • Tampa, FL
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Atlanta, GA

NAPFE National Federal Credit Union

  • Low Interest Loans
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Insured Savings Share Accounts
  • Preferred Share Accounts

It Pays to Belong to the National Alliance

Join today and receive your first share in the NAPFE Federal Credit Union free of

charge. Start building your own nest egg and take advantage of low interest loans

for vacations, cars, holidays, etc

See a National Alliance representative for a membership application.

The National Alliance Magazine

  • Monthly Publication
  • Features on Legislation
  • News from the Districts and Locals
  • Auxiliary News
  • Important Messages from the National Officers and Staff

Ashby B. Carter Memorial Scholarship Awards Program

  • Over $10,000 awarded annually
  • Three award categories

NAPFE Affiliate Groups and Divisions


Trained Professionals to Assist You

in the following areas:

  • Legislative Affairs - Lobbying for legislation for bargaining rights and fair grievance procedures
  • Monitoring the Federal Service Equal Employment Opportunity Program
  • Organization - to develop a strong and effective Union
  • Research and Development
  • International Affairs- (The Alliance is member of the World Confederation of Labor (WCL))
  • Insurance


A member of the World Confederation of Labor (WCL)

A most important service for members of the National Alliance is that as a rank and file Federal employee your Union can can represent you in grievance procedures. We continuously develop a well trained cadre of officers to represent you in your job related problems.